We are passionate about providing the best opportunities for every child attending BeyondAutism Nursery by understanding each individuals’ needs, nurturing their strengths, and developing their confidence. We work with parents, educational, health and social care professionals to prepare each child for school, so they can access and enjoy learning and live the life they choose.   

All children at BeyondAutism Nursery have social communication difficulties, developmental delay and they may or may not have an official autism diagnosis. We use our assessment-based curriculum to meet each child’s individual needs and support their approaches to learning. Our curriculum is broad and balanced, and combines evidence-based interventions with the requirements set out in the Early Years Statutory Framework (2021) and Development Matters (non-statutory curriculum guidance). It can be accessed by all children regardless of ability, religion, culture, or age.    

Our planning ensures that children take part in activities that are meaningful and engaging. Our curriculum addresses relevant and challenging learning outcomes based on:   

  • Early language development and teaching pre-learning skills  
  • Teaching carefully tailored to specific needs, built on children’s current level of development   
  • Motivation - we “offer an irresistible invitation to learn” (Gina Davies)   
  • Further developing skills that are already mastered  
  • Each child developing at their own pace   

Sibling support sessions are available and regularly offered to families of children attending our nursery. These sessions are tailored to individual needs of children and their family members.  

The nursery is open from 9:30am until 4pm every Monday and Tuesday during term time (38 weeks per year). Visit our admissions page for more information on how to register your place.