Our Approach

Our Early Years' service provides a dynamic and comprehensive approach to support progress and embrace the diversity of individual learning needs.

Our early intervention is based on the principles of behaviour analysis and Verbal Behaviour. This is a data-driven, scientifically based method, effective in helping children with autism to be ready for learning.

As well as behaviour analysis we use approaches tailored to each child based on where they are in their development. We learn about their communication and language, social and physical development, play skills and emotional wellbeing. We use a personalised approach to help them grow. Our staff are trained in Makaton sign language and other forms of communication styles.

We empower parents to support their child’s development in communication and language through play, focusing on the child’s preferences and interests. We personalise materials and activities for the children. Most importantly, we incorporate family values, needs and preferences into a child’s objectives and parents’ use of strategies at home and in other community settings. Whether it is being able to make a request, take turns or developing important pre-learning skills and developing the motivation for learning; each child is supported to make progress with personalised targets that build on the progress they have already made in their development.

As well as working with families we run a School Readiness Group for professionals working with children in their main provision. Across a period of one term, Teaching Assistants will receive CPD accredited training as well as attending weekly sessions with their pupil.