BeyondAutism Early Years is funded entirely by donations and the groups are free for families to attend. Parents/carers attend the service alongside their child and the service is tailored to the individual needs and goals of each family. 

Families will be offered a set weekly schedule which involves one or two sessions per week. Each session lasts 2.5 hours and the service runs during term time only. Families will be expected to attend all of the sessions in their schedule.

How do I apply?

  • Admissions are usually made via parental self-referral, however, could also be made through an external agency.  
  • If your child meets the suitability criteria listed below, please fill out our online referral form. Alternatively you can contact the Early Years’ team by telephone (020 3031 9703) or email
  • A member of our team will contact you to gather more information. They will identify your specific goals and needs and establish if we can support you in meeting them. If we are able to help you will be offered a date for an informal assessment and/or added to the waiting list if the service is at capacity.
  • At the informal assessment we will get to know you and your child better, so we can deliver the best possible programme to meet your goals.
  • Confirmation of your place will then be sent by email, and an attendance schedule decided between you and our Early Years’ team – taking into account your availability and the agreed outcomes for you and your child.

Our admissions criteria takes into consideration our assessment of the needs of each family and will be prioritised across a range of factors – for more information, take a look at our admissions policy.

Is BeyondAutism Early Years suitable for my child?

We do not ask for a diagnosis to attend our sessions. There are two different groups which may be offered depending on your child’s needs: Early Years Group and School Readiness Group.

BeyondAutism Early Years Group

  • To determine if a place at a BeyondAutism Early Years is suitable the child must:  
    • Be between 15 months and 5 years of age. 
    • Be experiencing delays with communication/language and/or associated sensory or behavioural difficulties.

School Readiness Group

  • To determine if a place at BeyondAutism School Readiness Group is suitable the child must:   
    • Be starting school the following academic year, or currently be in Reception/Year 1 at a mainstream school (N.B. The school will need to agree absence from school to attend).  
    • Have developed communication; however, this may be delayed for their age.  
    • Be able to understand instructions and group expectations; however, may struggle to attend to, or engage with, adult-led activities.  
    • Be able to access academic learning; however, these skills may be delayed for their age.  
    • Be presenting with sensory or behavioural difficulties.

Starting with us

  • Once a place is available for your child, you will be contacted by our Administrator to arrange an informal assessment.
  • Informal assessments will be held termly (or as needed), and children will be selected from the waiting list in accordance with our admissions criteria. 
  • Start dates will usually be at the beginning of a term or half-term; however, could be mid-term depending on circumstances.  
  • Families are allocated two terms at the Early Years Group, and one term at the School Readiness Group. These durations may be extended if deemed necessary by the Early Years’ team. The number of sessions the family is attending per week will be reviewed termly by the Early Years’ team. We operate in this way to ensure that we are able to support as many families as possible across the year.  
  • The Early Years’ team asks that families attend all of the sessions set out in their tailored schedule. Should attendance drop below 85% the placement may be ceased and offered to another family.  

When it is time to say our goodbyes

  • Families will be made aware of their proposed exit date when starting the service.  
  • There is no obligation for families to give notice if wanting to leave the service before this date. However, parents are encouraged to be considerate to ensure that the Early Years’ team is able to offer the place to another family as soon as possible, and for the Early Years’ team to be able to promptly complete an end of term report for the child.  
  • Families are welcome to stay connected with the Early Years’ team after leaving via phone/email and are encouraged to sign up to the Alumni Newsletter.  


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