Parent Support

Our interdisciplinary team work closely with parents and carers to ensure that they feel supported and understood. They learn valuable strategies that they can apply at home to help them capture attention and promote communication with their child.

Incorporated within each session, you will have the opportunity to participate in “Parent Discussion Sessions”. This is the chance for parents/carers to take 30-45 minutes out of the room to have a hot drink together. A member of the team will host each session, with discussion focusing around a particular topic. During this time your children will be supported by the rest of the team and engaged in a variety of activities.

We have an ever-growing range of over 30 topics for parents, including developing communication, supporting behaviours that challenge, parent mental health and Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). These sessions are an opportunity to learn about different strategies, ask questions and access information based on your needs. Additionally, peer support is a key part of these sessions, with time given for discussion and sharing, to allow you to build a support network and share with others on a similar journey to

For more parent tips and online help, visit our Parent Resources section.

“All the training areas have been well thought through and broken down and easy to understand for me as a parent… Being surrounded by people who genuinely enjoy their jobs and want to help has been so uplifting and supportive in some of the darkest and unknowing times of our lives. This service is literally a lifeline and allows families to see beyond themselves and beyond their child’s difficulties and shifts mindsets into gratitude and positivity.”

- Early Years’ parent