School Readiness Group

The School Readiness Group is designed to support the successful transition of autistic young children into mainstream primary school.

Autistic children are twice as likely to be permanently excluded from school than their non-autistic peers1, with 60% of mainstream teachers feeling that they are inadequately prepared to teach autistic children2.

In our School Readiness Group, we focus on teaching children the essential skills to be able to navigate a mainstream classroom, access learning and make academic progress. Our teaching approach is tailored to the individual needs of the children in the group and activities include story time, numeracy, attention builder activities, social skills sessions and lots of opportunities to practice transitioning.

Parents attend together with their children and are required to actively support them in every session. This model enables parents/carers to develop the skills and confidence to positively support behaviour, set up motivating learning activities, establish and be consistent with daily structure as well as engage and motivate their children.

Your child is suitable for this group if:

  1. They are due to start mainstream school the following term or are currently in Reception/Year 1 in a mainstream school, however behaviours that challenge act as barrier to their learning
  2. They could possibly access mainstream education but behaviours that challenge act as a barrier to their learning
  3. They can communicate verbally with others
  4. They can understand expectations but struggle to follow adult led activities and/or engage in group tasks
  5. They are Reception/Year 1 and are missing education or in risk of fixed term/permanent exclusion
  6. They are able to access a mainstream classroom, however find it difficult to follow classroom routines and/or work independently
  7. They have difficulties sharing, taking turns or engaging with their peers

The School Readiness Group runs every Tuesday 1-3:35pm in Bromley. Each family can sign up for one term. If you would like to attend, please get in touch with us via email: or call 020 3031 9703 or complete the online referral form.

1. Guldberg, K, Wallace, S, Bradley, R, Perepa, P, Ellis, L & MacLeod, A. 2021, Investigation of the causes and implications of exclusion for autistic children and young people. University of Birmingham
2. NASUWT Support for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs (June 2013)