Below you can see feedback from some of the parents and carers who have attended the service since it became a permanent provision in 2018.


When our son started attending Early Years, he only had a few words. [Makaton] definitely promoted his speech and understanding, as well as his requesting skills. Now he can talk and put up to 4 words together.

He is also more imaginative than before and uses much more social language during his play. I've also learned skills to engage with him while playing together.

I love the parent meetings. Sarah is great at leading our discussion as well as giving us knowledge and empowering us. Our Tutor Nalini's passion and knowledge definitely empowered and helped us too.

We are grateful for your support. We absolutely love being part of the Early Years’ family. You are making a big difference to our life and in fact, we feel much more confident and hopeful than ever before. Thank you so much for supporting all of us!


Adam attended our Early Years' group for over a year before moving to a special school. His mum, Julia, continued to implement the strategies she had learnt from attending the Early Years' sessions, and Adam continued to make amazing progress. A year after Adam joined the special school, it was clear from conversations with Julia that his needs, including a more suitable peer group, might be better met in a mainstream setting. We invited Adam and Julia to join our Pre-School Group sessions which focus on preparing children for mainstream school. Our baseline assessments and progress review confirmed that Adam’s skill set had significantly developed and he would now meet the criteria to attend a mainstream school with a resource base and 1:1 support.

Adam and Julia attended our Pre-School Group for a term, and we provided Julia with additional parent support with regular meetings over Teams. She used our comprehensive end of term report to approach a mainstream school and was successful in securing a place for Adam.

With her increased knowledge and confidence, Julia was able to make informed choices and successfully secure the right support and educational setting to meet Adam’s needs. Her determination and resilience will help to ensure the best possible outcomes for Adam as he continues his education at a mainstream school.

Sibling support at Early Years – Rosie and Matilda